Before You Buy The Exterior Paint

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Here are the things you need to know before you buy the paint for your exterior!

Types of Exterior Paint


Dissolvable based (oil or alkyd): Oil-based paint dries slower than latex – generally taking 24 hours to cure. It tidies up with turpentine or acetone. Oil-based is the best decision in case you will paint over a surface that is as of now been painted with an oil-based paint. Latex ought not be utilized over an oil-based paint since it will peel.

Water-based (latex): Latex paint goes quick and cleans away simpler than oil-based paint, requiring just cleanser and water. Another favorable position is that latex extends in hotter temperatures and contracts in cooler temperatures so it’s strong under fluctuating conditions.

Paint Finishes

Sheen depicts the level of light reflection paint has. Generally the less sheen paint has, the less stain-safe it is. Diverse makers may have different exchange names for them, yet by and large sheens are named takes after:

Sparkle is the hardest. It cleans effortlessly and opposes scrapes better so it’s a decent decision for zones in consistent utilize, similar to door frames and window housings. For shades and trimwork, gleam paint gives a decent difference to the siding. Gleam paint will, be that as it may, demonstrate blemishes in the surface more than different sheens.

Semi-sparkle paints are additionally solid and simple to clean, yet have less sparkle than shine. They are, be that as it may, similarly as reasonable for trimwork and housings.

Glossy silk (once in a while alluded to as eggshell or low shine) offers a decent mix of simple perfect and direct sheen. It functions admirably on siding that is in great condition.

Level paint is the best decision for vinyl and aluminum siding that is scratched or imprinted in light of the fact that it shrouds blemishes well and scatters less when connected. It’s additionally simpler to touch up.

Characteristic of Quality Exterior Paint 

  • Concealing force is the capacity of the paint to adequately cover or hide the surface where it’s connected. Concealing force originates from the paint’s shade and is influenced by the way and thickness of the application.
  • Shading maintenance alludes to tinted paints as it were. The paint’s capacity to keep up its unique shading amid introduction decides its shading maintenance.
  • Chalking resistance keeps the white powdery powder from framing at first glance and helping the shade of the paint. Chalking happens over some stretch of time when the folio gradually debases.The obvious streaking of paint (chalk rundown) is one outcome of utilizing a paint that isn’t chalk-safe.
  • Rankle resistance will shield intemperate dampness from getting through the substrate and influencing the paint layer. In the event that paint is connected over a moist or wet surface, you can depend on an undesirable rankling issue.


A primer is necessary to help paint adhere to the surface, providing a more uniform appearance and a longer-lasting finish. A primer is also needed if you’re repainting over existing bright or dark colors.



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